June 13, 2016

IT Trends: Business Efficiency With Open Source


Mike Woster, CRO and COO, The Linux Foundation
Mike Woster, CRO and COO, The Linux Foundation

Trying to maximize business efficiencies while staying within a budget is something that keeps CTOs and CIOs up at night.   How to do senior IT leaders manage for change with a flexible infrastructure, especially one that is built on open-source?

Recently, IBM had the opportunity to interview Mike Woster the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Linux Foundation about these exact challenges.  As Linux adoption continues to steadily increase, Mr. Woster has helped build the Linux Foundation to a $65M organization and the home of Linux – and increasingly industry-changing open-source projects such as Cloud Foundry and Blockchain. Mr. Woster is at the forefront of the Linux and open-source movement. He frequently advises senior IT leaders on how best to leverage this burgeoning technology base.

According to Mr. Woster, “Linux is becoming a fundamental building block in any modern IT strategy and the basis for DevOps and Agile development”.  But, how do senior IT leaders join this crowd sourced technology movement in such a tumultuous environment? They are facing the perfect storm of trends that are not only changing the model of how IT is delivered, but how the applications that run on that infrastructure are developed.

These trends are also emerging at a time when the senior IT leaders are under increasing pressure from the Line of Business (LOB) owner. That LOB owner is more tech savvy than ever due to the plethora of complex apps available via a smartphone and the widespread use of personal cloud services.

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