Open Source Is Key to the Modern Data Center, Says EMC’s Joshua Bernstein


Flexibility, freedom, innovation and integration is the answer. The question is why should the enterprise build on open source? How can a business survive if it gives away everything? Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technology at EMC, makes the case for enterprise open source in his MesosCon North America keynote.

DevOps is key to agility, agility is key to innovation and success, and open source powers DevOps. Bernstein describes the value that this brings to an organization: “We automate everything. We drive out corner cases. We strive for commodity hardware…The biggest thing is that we value this ability to interoperate. This goes along with microservices and the way that we build microservice applications now. We also value tremendously the ability to leverage a collaborative community.”

Flexibility, having the freedom to run the software wherever you want, and ease of integration are major benefits. “If we’re a software developer and we want to deploy it on our laptop for a test/dev environment, we want to put it in our own data centers, we want to run it on Amazon…It allows you to integrate, most importantly, with the rest of the ecosystems you’ve built in the data center.”

Bernstein presents a large number of the benefits of open source for the modern data center in the complete presentation below.

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