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The 7 Stages of Becoming a Go Programmer

One day at work, we were discussing the Go programming language in our work chatroom. At one point, I commented on a co-worker's slide, saying something along the lines of: "I think that's like stage three in the seven stages of becoming a Go programmer." Naturally, my co-workers wanted to know...
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Accelerate Application Modernization with Node.js

Node.js is much more than an application platform. In a 2016 Forrester report, the research firm talked with several Node.js users and developers to better understand the growth of Node within global enterprises across all a range of industries. Forrester’s key takeaways: Node.js Is Enterprise...
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Developers Need to Start Paying Attention to Licenses

Today's applications are arguably the equivalent of a Girl Talk album in code. They are made up of code that comes from a variety of sources. For instance, they may use one or more frameworks and libraries each of which may also may rely on hundreds of modules (ex. npm, Ruby gems). Even portions...
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Open Source Summit
Open source software isn’t only growing. It’s actually accelerating exponentially in terms of its influence on technology and in society.

New Initiatives to Create Sustainable Open Source Projects at The Linux Foundation

Open source software isn’t only growing. It’s actually accelerating exponentially in terms of its influence on technology and in society. The sheer number of projects and developers in open source today are just amazing. There are: 23 million open source developers worldwide 22 million accounts and...
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Announcing Our Open Source Guides for the Enterprise

Last March we held a TODO Group track at Open Source Leadership Summit focused entirely on sharing best practices for businesses managing and building out open source programs. More than a dozen open source program leads and other leaders from companies shared their tips and best practices at the...
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Functional Programming in JavaScript? Yes, Please.

One of the hot topics right now in the web development world is functional programming in the language of the web, JavaScript. Functional programming encompasses a whole host of mathematical properties and phenomena that is beyond this post, but what I am going to address here is how to write a a...
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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It: CHAOSS Project Creates Tools to Analyze Software Development and Measure Open Source Community Health

Today over 80 percent of the software in any technology product or service is open source. And this trend is growing. According to a recent study by Sonatype, every day the supply of open source across all ecosystems increases by about 1,100 new projects and 10,000 new versions. This raises...
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6 Lessons on Using Technical RFCs as a Management Tool

As an engineering leader, I value trust and believe that individual contributors should be involved in architectural and high-level technical decision making. I consider every line of code to be a decision made on behalf of someone else (including your future self), and having a fast-growing...
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The Hidden Threat Lurking in an Otherwise Secure Software Stack

All it takes is a fork from the main branch and a re-branding of the code, and the next thing you know, there's a hidden threat in your software. Here's how to protect against it. "One of the aspects of open source is that it can be forked," said Tim Mackey, the Technical Evangelist for BlackDuck...
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My Use-Case for Go

The lack of generics is often mentioned in discussions regarding Go. I would have liked Go to have algebraic data types and immutability by default. I would gladly give nil away to get these features. On the positive side, Go has good libraries, good tooling, a common style and a syntax that is...
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