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The Problem With Heroes In Software Development

AM, but your business is global. You have users in every time zone. They’re angry. They’re unable to purchase things on your website or are canceling their subscriptions. Money is being lost every minute your web application is down. Suddenly, one of your developers is on the case! This developer...
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Understanding the Hows and Whys of Open Source Audits

Since I've been working at Black Duck, I've learned a great deal about open source — and how and why an audit of the code base is important. I've also heard stories from customers scrambling to create a plan that addresses concerns about open source software risk during mergers and acquisitions (M...
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An Intro to Compilers

A compiler is just a program that translates other programs. Traditional compilers translate source code into executable machine code that your computer understands. (Some compilers translate source code into another programming language. These compilers are called source-to-source translators or...
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Hacker-Proof Coding

Generally, computer code is written without any formal processes, and the main metric for testing it is simply trying it out and seeing whether it or not works. Testing does not necessarily guarantee all the bases have been covered that might occur at runtime, or that it would prevent a malicious...
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Git integration
Jack Wallen looks at three tools for easy Git integration into your Linux desktop.

How to Integrate Git into Your Linux Desktop

Ask a developer to name their most important tools and very often the reply will include Git. There’s a good reason for that: Git is one of the most widely used distributed version control systems. Git can be set up as a local repository, used on a LAN, or used via the official, global service....
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ES2015 module support
As of June 2017, native browsers only thinly support ES2015 modules, as shown here. If you want both static analysis and a wide audience today, you’ll need a transpilation step that takes your modern source and turns it into a form widely supported by browsers. Learn more in this article.

Faster Tied Together: Bundling Your App with webpack

In the first post of our series, we outlined three components of a modern front-end stack. In the second post, we untangled the challenge of package management with Yarn. In this post, we’ll take a look at the next component in our stack: webpack™, a way of building and bundling assets for web apps...
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Metaphors We Compute By

A well-known unattributed quote (often misattributed to Charles Baker) is, "To program is to write to another programmer about our solution to a problem."2 A program is an explanation of how a problem might be solved; it's a metaphor that stands in place of a person's understanding. For metaphors...
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Using Prototypes to Explore Project Ideas, Part 1

Imagine that you work for an agency that helps clients navigate the early stages of product design and project planning. No matter what problem space you are working in, the first step is always to get ideas out of a client’s head and into the world as quickly as you possibly can. Conversations and...
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Top Programming Languages 2017: Focus on Jobs

While the default IEEE Spectrum ranking in the Top Programming Languages interactive gives a good aggregate signal of language popularity, here we are taking a deep dive into the metrics related to job demand. Two of our data sources, Dice and CareerBuilder, measure job openings for the languages...
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Sustainable Open Source – Where Are the Vendors?

Harvard Business Review has an article comparing old, crusty open source code to the Y2K ordeal. Go ahead and read it – it’s worth your time. What if I told you that the entire NTP relies on the sole effort of a 61-year-old who has pretty much volunteered his own time for the last 30 years? His...
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