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Node.js is Strong and Growing

As we come into this year’s Node.js Interactive conference it’s a good time to reflect on the State of Node.js, and by any reasonable measure the state of Node.js is very strong. Every day there are more than 8.8 million Node instances online, that number has grown by 800,000 in the last nine...
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Learn How Stripe, Datadog, and MailChimp Monitor Production Deployments at Forge by Sentry

The Thrilla in Manila. The Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan. The Apollo 11 moon landing. These were all great events, and we’d guess you weren’t able to attend any of them. That’s too bad, because taking part in a great event is significantly better than missing out on it. One of many...
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Diversity Empowerment Summit
Rupa Dachere, shown here speaking at Diversity Empowerment Summit, created Codechix, which is dedicated to the education, advocacy, and mentoring of women engineers in industry and academia. (Image: Open SourceCraft)

What You Missed at the Diversity Empowerment Summit

"If you're not being actively inclusive then you're being exclusive," said Swarna Podila at the Diversity Empowerment Summit, a day of talks on increasing diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in the open source community. The event took place at Open Source Summit in Los Angeles and was produced...
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How FinTech Company Europace Is Modeling Its Corporate Structure on Open Source Principles

Concepts such as decentralizing strategy, delegating direction, and fierce transparency in communication are part of the backbone of successful open source projects. In my presentation at Open Source Summit EU in Prague, I will explore how these concepts are not only applicable to volunteer-run...
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Jono Bacon
Jono Bacon served as the chair for Open Community Conference (co-located with Open Source Summit earlier this month.) Anne Bertucio shares takeaways from his talks in a blog for OpenStack Superuser.

This Week in Open Source News: 4 Ways to Build an Open Source Community, Change Healthcare Working With Hyperledger & More

This week in Linux and open source news, the Open Community Conference at Open Source Summit NA earlier this month provided useful ways to build open communities within an existing company, and more! read on to stay in the open source know. 1) Jono Bacon chaired the Open Community Conference at...
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Be Nice: Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf Offers Tips for Creating Sustainable Open Source Projects

So, what’s unique about projects like Linux that thrive where others fail? What’s the secret sauce that sustains one project over others? Is it the community? The license? The code? The organizations backing it? We talked to open source veteran Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software...
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Why Should You Speak at Tech Conferences? Or At Least Attend Them Regularly (Part 1)

Now I talk regularly at local meetups and I went as a speaker to few big conferences. Given that I am no expert in public speaking, my heart beat rises and occasionally words scramble as I am on the stage. But still, I will give you some reasons, why you should speak at conferences or at least...
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Linus Torvalds
Check out these quick video recaps of Open Source Summit in Los Angeles.

Open Source Summit in Los Angeles: Day 1 in 5 Minutes

Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles was packed with keynotes, technical sessions, and special presentations, including a conversation with Linux creator Linus Torvalds. In case you couldn't make it, CodePop.com's Gregg Pollack has put together some short videos recapping highlights of...
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The Eye-Opening Power of Cultural Difference

Inclusivity is the quality of an open organization that allows and encourages people to join the organization and feel a connection to it. Practices aimed at enhancing inclusivity are typically those that welcome new participants to the organization and create an environment that makes them want to...
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Why Developer Evangelism Is the Secret to the Success of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the hottest thing to hit containers since...Docker. That's faint praise, given that Docker barely burst onto the scene in 2013. But, given the pace of enterprise infrastructure innovation these days, four years may be all the limelight one gets. As such, it's critical to make the most...
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