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What's the Point? Adventures with Pointers in C

Abbott: What’s the point? Costello: I know the point, but where does it point to?!? Abbott: What compiler are you running? Costello: Don’t act surprised, my name’s not compiler, and I’m walking, not running. Do I look like I’m in a hurry? It’s too bad Abbott and Costello aren’t alive today. I’m...
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Powering Potential Inc. provides schools in Tanzania with solar-powered computers. (Image courtesy of PPI.)

Using Open Source to Empower Students in Tanzania

Powering Potential Inc. (PPI) aims to enhance education opportunities for students in Tanzania with the help of the Raspberry Pi and open source technology. “I believe technology is a vital part of the modern human experience. It enlightens. It ties us together. It broadens our horizons and...
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How to Set Up a Linux Server on Amazon AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the leading cloud server providers worldwide. You can set up a server within a minute using the AWS platform. On AWS, you can fine tune many techncal details of your server like the number of CPU's, Memory and HDD space, type of HDD (SSD which is faster or a...
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Kids on Computers
For success in open source, find your community and connect with them on a regular basis, says Avni Khatri, president of Kids on Computers.

Engineer Finds Passion and Community With Kids On Computers

If you love technology, you can find a space for yourself and connect with others around mutual interests, according to Avni Khatri, president of Kids on Computers (KoC), a nonprofit that sets up computer labs using donated hardware and open source software in areas where kids have no other access...
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What To Do When People Start Hacking Your Culture

I've previously written about the fact the Apache Software Foundation offers an exemplar of large-scale open source governance. Even with those supreme qualities, things can still go wrong. Apache offers some of the best protections for open source contributors but its mature rules can be...
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How to install Arch Linux on VirtualBox

Arch Linux is a Linux-based operating system that is designed for i689 and 86-64 computers. Its unique package manager is responsible for providing updates to the latest software applications using “pacman” with complete tracking. Pacman is the package manager that is used to install, update, and...
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How to Perform Pattern Search in Files using Grep

In our first article on the grep command, we covered quite a few features the tool offers, including how you can use it to search only for words, search for two words, count lines containing matched word, and more. Aside from these, the tool provides some more easy-to-understand and useful features...
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Top Lightweight Linux Distributions To Try In 2017

Hey friends! Today I am going to discuss the top lightweight Linux distros you can try this year on your computer. Although you got yourself a pretty Linux already but there is always something new to try in Linux. Remember I recommend to try this distro in VirtualBox firstly or with the live boot...
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How to Install and Configure FTP Server in Ubuntu

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a relatively old and most used standard network protocol used for uploading/downloading files between two computers over a network. However, FTP by its original insecure, because it transmits data together with user credentials (username and password) without...
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How to create your own Linux Distribution with Yocto on Ubuntu

In this article, our focus is the creation of a minimal Linux distribution using the Yocto project on the Ubuntu platform. The Yocto project is very famous in the embedded Linux world because of its flexibility and ease of use.  The purpose of the Yocto project is to create a Linux distro for...
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