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How to Use SSH to Proxy Through a Linux Jump Host

Secure Shell (SSH) includes a number of tricks up its sleeve. One particular trick you may not know about is the ability to use a jump host. A jump host is used as an intermediate hop between your source machine and your target destination. In other words, you can access X from Y using a gateway....
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This series provides an overview of fundamentals to help you make the move to Linux; here we cover some common settings you’ll use on your desktop Linux system.

Migrating to Linux: Network and System Settings

Learn how to transition to Linux in this tutorial series from our archives. In this series, we provide an overview of fundamentals to help you successfully make the transition to Linux from another operating system. If you missed the earlier articles in the series, you can find them here: Part 1 -...
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The Gravity of Kubernetes

Most new internet businesses started in the foreseeable future will leverage Kubernetes (whether they realize it or not). Many old applications are migrating to Kubernetes too. Before Kubernetes, there was no standardization around a specific distributed systems platform. Just like Linux became the...
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What is a Socket?

Recently, while reviewing the FAQ, I came across the question “What’s a Socket?” For those who are not familiar, I shall explain. In brief, a Unix Socket (technically, the correct name is Unix domain socket, UDS) allows communication between two different processes on either the same machine or...
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IPv6 networks
To continue our series on IPv6 private addressing, this article shows how to use KVM to create networks for testing IPv6.

Testing IPv6 Networking in KVM: Part 2

When last we met, in Testing IPv6 Networking in KVM: Part 1, we learned about IPv6 private addressing. Today, we're going to use KVM to create networks for testing IPv6 to our heart's content. Should you desire a refresh in using KVM, see Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 1 and Creating...
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Learn how the handy redir utility can help you with a quick network workaround.

Using Redir to Alter Network Traffic: Part 1

There are times when, despite your best efforts, you have little choice but to put a quick workaround in place. Reconfiguring network-border firewalls or moving services between machines is simply not an option because the network’s topology is long established and definitely shouldn’t be messed...
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Highly Distributed Platform Deployment

This post will explore less technical and more “big picture” concepts. When we (Red Hat Professional Services) come on-site to help to deploy OpenShift (Enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution) we work with the customer to determine what kind of journey they will experience while onboarding and...
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