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Jan Altenberg
Real-time Linux has come a long way in the past decade. Jan Altenberg of Linutronix provides an overview of the topic and offers new RTL performance benchmarks in this video from ELC Europe.

Inside Real-Time Linux

Real-time Linux (RTL), a form of mainline Linux enabled with PREEMPT_RT, has come a long way in the past decade. Some 80 percent of the deterministic PREEMPT_RT patch is now available in the mainline kernel itself. Yet, backers of the strongest alternative to the single-kernel RTL on Linux -- the...
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Optimizing Linux for Slow Computers

I've been researching a lot about Linux on the Desktop these days as you may see from my posts about Fedora 25 and Arch Linux (recommended!). There are some things you must have in mind when migrating to Linux systems. Even if you have a top of the line Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake, 32GB of RAM, 2TB M.2...
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Improve Your Node.js App Throughput One Micro-optimization at a Time

In order to improve the performance of an application that involves IO, you should understand how your CPU cycles are spent and, more importantly, what is preventing higher degrees of parallelism in your application. While focusing on improving the overall performance of the DataStax Node.js driver...
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Don't Let Serverless Applications Dodge Performance Monitoring

Serverless applications abstract the app from the underlying infrastructure. And that changes the IT team's approach to application performance monitoring. Serverless applications aren't for everyone, as they make monitoring more difficult. While scaling and cost savings may be worth it for some...
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Christopher Lameter and Fernando Garcia
Christopher Lameter and Fernando Garcia at LinuxCon Europe talking about the world of 100G networking.

The World of 100G Networking

Capacity and speed requirements keep increasing for networking, but going from where are now to 100G networking isn’t a trivial matter, as Christopher Lameter and Fernando Garcia discussed recently in their LinuxCon Europe talk about the world of 100G networking. It may not be easy, but with...
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7 Awesome Open Source Web Performance Software For Linux

Web performance is nothing but the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser. Faster website speeds have been shown to increase sales or increase visitor loyalty including user satisfaction. Particularly useful for those use slow internet connections or on...
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Monitoring Software: The Market Lines Are Blurry

Who is the market leader in IT monitoring? You won’t find the answer to that question in this article. With a wide range of functionality being offered for multiple audiences, our priority is to provide clarity about who wants what. The New Stack is seeing two contradictory patterns. Many companies...
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httpstat – A Curl Statistics Tool to Check Website Performance

httpstat is a Python script that reflects curl statistics in a fascinating and well-defined way, it is a single file which is compatible with Python 3 and requires no additional software (dependencies) to be installed on a users system. It is fundamentally a wrapper of cURL tool, means that you can...
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Four Node.js Gotchas that Operations Teams Should Know about

This contributed piece is from a speaker at Node.js Interactive North America, an event offering an in-depth look at the future of Node.js from the developers who are driving the code forward, taking place in Austin, TX from Nov. 29 — Dec. 2. There is no doubt that Node.js is one of the fastest...
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How to Assess the Benefits of SDN in Your Network

Find out what three networking problems the benefits of SDN could address in your network and the questions you should ask to make sure you're on the right track. In terms of the benefits of SDN, let's look at three of the most important problems the technology can solve, along with some...
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