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10 React Native Libraries Every React Native Developer Should Know About

If you are starting out a new app development project, chances are pretty high that you have already decided writing it with React Native. React Native gives you benefit of leveraging a single codebase to produce two different kind of apps. In order to make React Native app development simpler for...
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Trending Developer Skills, Based on My Analysis of “Ask HN: Who’s Hiring?”

A few years ago, I became curious about identifying emerging technologies and predicting them. So I created Hacker News Hiring Trends, or HN Hiring Trends for short. Hacker News is one of the most popular discussion boards for programmers. It is also one of the best places to discover new...
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The Most Popular JavaScript Front-End Tools

Choosing a development tool based on its popularity isn’t a bad idea. Popular tools are usually more stable, and they often have more resources and community support than less popular tools. Developer satisfaction is another key indicator of a good tool, and for the JavaScript ecosystem, I'm going...
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WalmartLabs Open Sources the Application Platform that Powers Walmart.com

Over the course of the last year, Walmart.com — a site that handles 80 million monthly visitors and offers 15 million items for sale — migrated to React and Node.js. In the process of this transition, the WalmartLabs team built Electrode, a React-based application platform to power Walmart.com. It’...
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