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What Is A Distributed System?

“Hello world!” The simplest application to write and operate is one that runs in one thread on a single processor. If that’s so easy, why on earth do we ever build anything else? Usually because we also want operational and developmental performance. A single server is a physical and organisational...
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​Serious Linux Kernel Security Bug Fixed

Linux server administrators will want to patch their systems as soon as possible. Sometimes old fixed bugs come back to bite us. That's the case with CVE-2017-1000253, a Local Privilege Escalation Linux kernel bug. ... The problem is that the bug lived on in long-term support (LTS) versions of...
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Out-of-Band Management with Redfish and Ansible

In this article, I'll explain how Redfish and Ansible can be used together to fully automate, at large scale, systems management tasks from one central location, significantly reducing complexity and helping improve the productivity of IT administrators. Redfish is an open industry-standard...
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Harnessing the power of highly secure, highly scalable, and highly engineered Linux servers can transform the market and change the world.

Electric Cars, Open Source Summit, and Linux Server Innovation

This article was sponsored and written by IBM. The first electric car was produced in the late 19th century, and by 1900 more than a quarter of cars were electric. Then the internal combustion engine took over, and for a century it dominated. Now, however, electric cars are making a comeback, and...
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Linux Installation Types: Server Vs. Desktop

I have previously covered obtaining and installing Ubuntu Linux, and this time I will touch on desktop and server installations. Both types of installation address certain needs. The different installs are downloaded separately from Ubuntu. You can choose which one you need from Ubuntu.com/...
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NASA Launches Supercomputer Servers into Space

Using off-the-shelf servers, NASA and HPE are devising a way to allow a Mars-bound spacecraft to house an on-board supercomputer. To test the concept, NASA has launched the SpaceX CRS-12 rocket containing HPE’s “Spaceborne Computer” as its payload. According the company, the servers that make up...
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Long Live Gopher: The Techies Keeping the Text-Driven Internet Alive

Gopher, an protocol for distributing documents and files over the internet, has a lot of similarities to the web, but also some major differences: For one thing, a gopher server is organized around a set hierarchy, akin to mixing a text document and a file server together. That's unlike the web,...
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70,000 Memcached Servers Can Be Hacked Using Eight-Month-Old Flaws

Eight months after three critical vulnerabilities were fixed in the memcached open source caching software, there are over 70,000 caching servers directly exposed on the internet that have yet to be patched. Hackers could execute malicious code on them or steal potentially sensitive data from their...
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Multi-Server Samba Installation to Protect Your Network Against Outages and Network Attacks

The recent outages of AWS and the attacks on the DNS network have shown the need of distributing critical infrastructures across multiple cloud providers. This distribution is particularly important for centralized authentication services, which provide users and permissions for various services...
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10 More Quick Tips to Make Linux Networking Easier

If you either work on a Linux desktop, or administer a Linux server, there might be times when frustration sets in over networking issues. Although Linux has made significant advances over the years, there are still instances where the standard troubleshooting or optimizations won't work. To that...
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