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At Open Source Summit in Prague, Giovanni Bechis will discuss tools that improve software security by blocking unwanted syscalls.

How OpenBSD and Linux Mitigate Security Bugs

At the upcoming Open Source Summit Europe + ELC Europe 2017, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, Giovanni Bechis will be delivering a talk focused on tools that help improve software security by blocking unwanted syscalls.   Bechis is CEO and DevOps engineer at SNB s.r.l., a hosting provider and...
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Learn How Stripe, Datadog, and MailChimp Monitor Production Deployments at Forge by Sentry

The Thrilla in Manila. The Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan. The Apollo 11 moon landing. These were all great events, and we’d guess you weren’t able to attend any of them. That’s too bad, because taking part in a great event is significantly better than missing out on it. One of many...
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Linux Kernel Long Term Support Extended to 6 Years for Project Treble

Yesterday at Linaro Connect, Project Treble’s lead engineer Iliyan Malchev announced that Greg Kroah-Hartman, the current maintainer of the LTS kernels for the Linux Foundation, has agreed to extend the support period for LTS kernels from 2 years to 6 years. And this isn’t some far of in the future...
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Tools and Practices for Documenting Microservices

I will assume you are at least familiar with the concept of microservices — loosely coupled services that provide discrete solutions to business use cases that you can combine to solve current needs and demand. The architectural pattern has gained popularity over the past years, and although not...
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Modular Documentation: How to Make Both Writers and Users Happy

Modular documentation is not a new concept. Writing documentation in modules that can be combined and reused has been around, in various incarnations, for many years, and it has many proponents as well as detractors. This article introduces a lightweight approach to documentation modularity. The...
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Identifying Secure Firmware Update Mechanisms and Open Source Options for Embedded Linux devices

Today, a new class of field software updates is arising that has been fueled by security concerns but also allows engineers to add new features and fix bugs. With regards to embedded devices, the firmware update mechanism must be not only secure, but also reliable in that it either succeeds in the...
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The Role of API Gateways in Microservice Architectures

Despite their differences in nomenclature, newly emerging service meshesaren’t all that different that API Gateways, and the similarities between the two will continue to grow over time, so predicts Marco Palladino, Chief Technology Officer of API Gateway provider Mashape. The two technologies...
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The 7 Stages of Becoming a Go Programmer

One day at work, we were discussing the Go programming language in our work chatroom. At one point, I commented on a co-worker's slide, saying something along the lines of: "I think that's like stage three in the seven stages of becoming a Go programmer." Naturally, my co-workers wanted to know...
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Be Nice: Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf Offers Tips for Creating Sustainable Open Source Projects

So, what’s unique about projects like Linux that thrive where others fail? What’s the secret sauce that sustains one project over others? Is it the community? The license? The code? The organizations backing it? We talked to open source veteran Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software...
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Accelerate Application Modernization with Node.js

Node.js is much more than an application platform. In a 2016 Forrester report, the research firm talked with several Node.js users and developers to better understand the growth of Node within global enterprises across all a range of industries. Forrester’s key takeaways: Node.js Is Enterprise...
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