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Support Driven Development: Listen Now So You Don’t Hear It Later

Here at Scalyr, we’re big fans of Complaint-Driven Development, which I’ll summarize as “focus engineering effort on fixing the things users actually complain about.” We especially focus on issues that generate support requests, with such success that, as CEO, I’m still able to personally handle...
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Continuous Delivery
Continuous delivery is the process of releasing new software frequently through automated testing and continuous integration. Learn more in this course preview.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 3: Continuous Delivery and Deployment

We’re back with another installment in our preview of the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation. In the previous articles, we looked at high-performing organizations and then discussed the value stream. In this article, we move along to...
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network automation
Automation is listed as one of the top five virtualization trends of 2017, and The Linux Foundation's ONAP is leading the way, says RCRWireless.

This Week in Open Source News: Top 5 Virtualization Trends, New Mozilla OSS Speech Recognition Project & More

This week in Linux and open source headlines, ONAP leads the way in the automation trend, Mozilla launches new, open source speech recognition project, and more! Get up to speed with the handy Linux.com weekly digest! 1) With automation being one of the top virtualization trends of 2017, The Linux...
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If You Were On a Desert Island, Which License Would You Take With You?

First, we need to ask ourselves why we should bother choosing a license? Are you: presenting your software to the public? representing your software in a way that leads others to believe they can copy it or build on it? Then, yes, you should choose a license. Be fair to your visitors and back up...
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Testing or Monitoring? MTBF or MTTR? Make your choice!

What is more important testing or monitoring? Should you optimize for mean time between failures (MTBF) or mean time to repair (MTTR)? Your team is torn by the choice. Half of your teammates vote for a fully automated test suite, the other half for having good monitoring in production. You have the...
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How to Write Documentation That's Actually Useful

Now more than ever we need well-documented code. Here are four ways to make sure your applications make sense to humans as well as to computers. Programmers love to write code, but they hate to write documentation. Developers always want to read documentation when they inherit a project, but...
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Dangerous Logic - De Morgan & Programming

Programmers are master logicians - well they sometimes are. Most of the time they are as useless at it as the average joe. The difference is that the average joe can avoid logic and hence the mistakes. How good are you at logical expressions and why exactly is Augustus De Morgan your best friend,...
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A Continuous Testing Crash Course for Software Testers

Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline in order to obtain feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate as rapidly as possible. Why Do We Need to Rethink Our Approach to Testing? The expectations...
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Dynamic Tracing in Linux User and Kernel Space

Have you ever been in a situation where you realize that you didn't insert debug print at a few points in your code, so now you won't know if your CPU hits a particular line of code for execution until you recompile the code with debug statements? Don't worry, there's an easier solution. Basically...
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Balancing Competing Interests in Software Projects

The typical software shop is both overcommitted and poorly coordinated. These conditions form a vicious cycle: a lack of effective communication leads to inefficient work, which in turn leads to a permanent state of being too busy to communicate with one another. The traditional remedy to this...
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