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Building Bridges with DevOps

Five Questions for Katherine Daniels: Thoughts on adopting DevOps effectively, the importance of empathy, and new essential skills for today’s ops professionals. Katherine is co-author, along with Jennifer Davis, of O’Reilly Media’s Effective DevOps, and is presenting on the topic of “Building...
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Special Video Podcast with Gene Kim and the DOES16 Speakers

This morning we had our first in a series of special episodes of our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast with Gene Kim and the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16)speakers. We discussed the role of middle managers in leading DevOps adoption in the enterprise and scaling DevOps throughout your...
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Meet Hyperledger: An “Umbrella” for Open Source Blockchain & Smart Contract Technologies

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at The Linux Foundation on Hyperledger for four months already. I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest and support the project has received since the beginning of the year. As things really start to take off, I think it’s important to take a step back...
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Port Binding in Cloud-Native Apps

This is an excerpt from Kevin Hoffman's free ebook, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App. In Beyond the Twelve-Factor App, I present a new set of guidelines that builds on Heroku’s original 12 factors and reflects today’s best practices for building cloud-native applications. I have changed the order of...
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4 Big Ways Companies Benefit from Having Open Source Program Offices

In the first article in my series on open source program offices, I took a deep dive into what an open source program office is and why your company might need one. Next I looked at how Google created a new kind of open source program office. In this article, I'll explain a few benefits of having...
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Open source
Organizations use open source software to speed up software delivery, save money on development, to stay flexible, and to stay on the leading edge of technology.

The 7 Dimensions of Good Open Source Management

Organizations use open source software to gain competitive advantage in many ways: to speed up software delivery, save money on development, to stay flexible, and to stay on the leading edge of technology. But using open source software, and especially integrating and redistributing it in products...
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Open source products
There are several reasons why your software project is not a product. Learn the differences between the two and what they mean for software and service providers as well as end users.

Why Your Open Source Project Is Not A Product

I’ve spent a good bit of time explaining the ins and outs of open source products: what they are, how to make money with them, and what they are not. Namely, products are products, no matter the source code license they are published under. But there’s a journey that a software project must undergo...
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Marc Merlin
Respect for licenses is key to open source software development, said Marc Merlin in his talk at LinuxCon North America. Image copyright: Swapnil Bhartiya

How Google Uses and Contributes to Open Source

Engineer Marc Merlin has been working at Google since 2001 but has been involved with Linux since 1993, in its very early days. Since then, open source adoption has dramatically increased, but a new challenge is emerging: Not many companies care about the license side of open source, Merlin stated...
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Joe Beda
It is no longer acceptable for a development team to not care about how their stuff runs in production, said Joe Beda in his keynote at LinuxCon North America.

DevOps Done Right: The Operations Dividend

Containers and cloud native are great technologies, but what is the larger business context? Why should the pointy-haired bosses care? Joe Beda of Accel Partners described the tremendous business value of DevOps done right in his keynote presentation at LinuxCon North America in August. Does anyone...
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Container testing
Containerization enables interesting architecture patterns -- such as a parallel testing platform -- that can have a lot of performance benefits.

Testing the Right Things with Docker

Fast and efficient software testing is easy with Docker, says Laura Frank of Codeship, who will be presenting a talk called “Building Efficient Parallel Testing Platforms with Docker” at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe next month. In her talk, Frank will explain how containers can be used to...
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