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The Heartbeat of Open Source Projects Can be Heard with GitHub Data

GitHub released charts last week that tell a story about the heartbeat of a few open source, giving insights into activity, productivity and collaboration of software development. Salted throughout the GitHub website are analytics, and there is an application programming interface (API) that data-...
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The 2016 State of DevOps Report says high-performing organizations are widening their lead against lower-performing organizations. [Image: Puppet]

Successful DevOps Deployment Involves Shift in Culture and Processes

To create sustained high performance, organizations must invest as much in their people and processes as they do in their technology, according to Puppet’s 2016 State of DevOps Report. The 50+ page report, written by Alanna Brown, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Nigel Kersten, and Gene Kim, aimed...
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How Docker Has Changed the DevOps Game

Cloud computing has paved the way for programmable infrastructure, which brought extreme automation into software development lifecycle. The ability to provision resources, configuring them on the fly, deploying applications, and monitoring the entire process led to the DevOps culture where...
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The Quest to Make Code Work Like Biology Just Took A Big Step

The Google search engine isn’t software that runs on a single machine. Serving millions upon millions of people around the globe, it’s software that runs on thousands of machines spread across multiple computer data centers. Google runs this entire service like a biological system, as a vast...
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Defect Prevention and Test Design Optimization Together — CDT

The key to testing is to create the best test case for a given application. Test case creation and implementation is both costly and time consuming, meaning that typically the goal is to optimize this process by planning a moderate-sized and efficient test set which reveals most of the bugs....
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Open Source talent
Companies and organizations need to help to establish, build, and sustain open source projects for the long term to accelerate innovation.

The Rise of the Open Source Professional

Whether you realize it or not, open source software affects just about everyone around the world, every single day. It’s used by almost any industry you can think of, including telecommunications, finance, healthcare, automotive, retail, entertainment and more. In the coming months and years,...
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Announcing the Open Source License API

Over the last 19 years, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) has been the steward of the Open Source Definition (or OSD), establishing a common language when discussing what it means to be an Open Source license, and a list of licenses which are known to be compatible with the OSD. This is taken to its...
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DevOps and Culture: The Evolution of DevOps in the Tech Industry

The tech landscape has evolved significantly in recent decades. Constant innovation in the space has forced these companies to rethink and reinvent how they compete in the market. And the more I learn about these changes, the more I’ve become entranced with movements like DevOps. DevOps as a...
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Splitting a Monolithic Application Into Services

Microservices-based architecture is an emerging trend in software development. It is the result of efforts to make enterprise application code more flexible and easily deployable. Current applications are typically layered based on technology. Teams that are structured around this model also end up...
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Velocity Is Not Acceleration

I see a lot of confusion around velocity in new-to-agile teams. Too many people treat velocity as an acceleration measurement. That is, they expect velocity to increase to some large number, as a stable state. Velocity is a rate of change coupled with direction. When managers think they can measure...
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