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wrestle control of sudo
You’ll find everything you need to wrestle control over sudo in the /etc/sudoers file. Learn more in this system administration tutorial.

How to Wrestle Control of Sudo With Sudoers

Linux depends upon administrative user permission. Without the elevated permission of root, many commands could not be run. For distributions, such as Red Hat, gaining root permissions means changing to the root user with the command su. Other distributions, such as Ubuntu Linux, opt for a...
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Canonical Focuses On IoT Security With Ubuntu Core 16

It has become apparent that Internet of Things devices need a major security upgrade. Most of these changes need to be made at the software level, including the operating systems being used. Canonical announced Ubuntu Core 16, which focuses on providing additional security for IoT devices....
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Keys to NFVI Components Selection

In this series on network functions virtualization (NFV), we’ve been spending time talking about some of the pitfalls and challenges involved in adopting NFVI components – and how to plan for deployment. This week we’re going to spend some time breaking down what to look for in moving to NFV ...
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Secured DevOps for Microservices

Containers and microservices have revolutionized application development and infrastructure management. They have also introduced new security challenges without solving the old ones. What are some of the new security challenges, and what can you do about them? New technologies, new challenges...
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Open Mainframe Project
Mainframe computing is not only still relevant, but thriving, particularly with Linux. For technical details and a performance comparison on running MongoDB on the mainframe, download the Open Mainframe Project’s tech brief below.

Running MongoDB and Other Open Source Apps on the Mainframe

Open source software is increasingly becoming available on the mainframe.  MongoDB is among the most popular of several programs supporting Linux for mainframe. Yes, the mainframe. Surprisingly to some, mainframe computing is still in heavy use in large organizations. Indeed, 92 of the top 100...
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Red Hat Linux
In this series, we will contrast and compare Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Canonical's Ubuntu Linux, and SUSE Enterprise Linux. This article focuses on RHEL, which promises super-reliability and long support cycles.

Enterprise Linux Showdown: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

In our amazing Linux world, we have not one, not two, but three, count 'em, three major-league enterprise Linux distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Canonical's Ubuntu Linux, and SUSE Enterprise Linux. In this series, we will contrast and compare all three. Each one is so large it would take a...
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Apache Mesos Users Focus on Big Data, Containers

Mesosphere, the main commercial outfit behind the Apache Mesos datacenter and container orchestration project, has taken a good look at its user base and found that they gravitate toward a few fundamental use cases. Survey data released recently by Mesosphere in the "Apache Mesos 2016 Survey Report...
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AWS Launches Linux Container Image for On-Premise

AWS has launched a new Linux Container Image in response to customer demand, designed for use with cloud and on-premise workloads. Linux AMI is a secure environment for firing up applications running on EC2, but due to customer demand, AWS has now made the image available for on-premise as well as...
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This article will give you a taste of the tools systemd offers for system administration.

5 systemd Tools You Should Start Using Now

Once you get over systemd's rude departure from the plain-text, script-laden System V of yore, it turns out to be quite nifty and comes with an equally nifty toolbox. In this article, we'll be looking at four of those tools, plus one you're probably already familiar with but haven't used in the way...
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Top 10 Tech Predictions For 2017 From IDC

IDC released today its 10 IT industry predictions for 2017 in a webcast with Frank Gens, IDC’s senior vice president and chief analyst. The predictions covered many trends driving success today and in the future, from how the entire global economy will be re-shaped by digital transformation, the...
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