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OpenStack support
OpenStack distribution vendors compete on support offerings.

Support Is Now the Differentiator in the OpenStack Race

When it comes to OpenStack cloud computing distributions, now offered by a variety of vendors, we are at a tipping point. As businesses and organizations demand flexible solutions for deploying cloud solutions based on OpenStack, competition is fierce.  With so many vendors competing in this arena...
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OpenStack Summit
OpenStack has an international community of more than 60,700 individual members.

Navigating OpenStack: Community, Release Cycles and Events

Hopefully last week we piqued your interest in a career path in OpenStack. Adoption is growing and so is the number of OpenStack jobs. Like any other open source project, if you’re going to use it---professionally or personally—it’s important to understand its community and design/release patterns...
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Cloud Foundry basics course lab
A lab from the Cloud Foundry basics course, Zero to Hero, explains the Cloud Foundry CLI.

Cloud Foundry Releases Free Online Courses

As an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, Cloud Foundry makes it extremely easy to focus on delivering services and apps without having to worry about the platform. However, it’s not always so easy for developers and administrators new to Cloud Foundry to quickly get up to speed on...
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The Linux grep tool searches for patterns inside of files.
The Linux grep tool searches for patterns inside of files.

Beginning Grep for Linux SysAdmins

GNU grep is an amazing power tool for finding words, numbers, spaces, punctuation, and random text strings inside of files, and this introduction will get you up and running quickly. We'll stick to GNU grep and the Bash shell, because both are the defaults on most Linux distros. You can verify...
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Moving Toward a Services Based Architecture with Mesos

Over the past few years at Strava, server side development has transitioned from our monolithic Ruby on Rails app (The Monorail) to a service oriented architecture with services written in Scala, Ruby, and golang. Top: Commits to our monolithic rails app. Bottom: Total private repositories at...
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Microsoft PerfView is Now Open Source On GitHub

I am happy to announce, that the PerfView source code is now open source as a GitHub repository.    It is available at https://github.com/Microsoft/perfview The readme associated with the GitHub  repository has getting started information (how to fetch the repository, how to build, test and deploy ...
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Oracle Takes On Amazon in Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle barely shows up on the charts of biggest IaaS providers. The vendor is looking to change that. Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder and CTO, announced the new services from the opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld, the company's big customer conference, which kicked off Sunday. Read more at Light...
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Putting Ops Back in DevOps

What Agile means to your typical operations staff member is, “More junk coming faster that I will get blamed for when it breaks.” There always is tension between development and operations when something goes south. Developers are sure the code worked on their machine; therefore, if it does not...
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5 Tools to Support Distributed Sysadmin Teams

The following five open source tools allow us to satisfy these goals while remaining a high-functioning team.Remotely-distributed system administration teams provide around-the-clock coverage without anyone losing sleep, and have the benefit of drawing from a global talent pool. The OpenStack...
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10 Essential Skills for Novice, Junior and Senior SysAdmins

As the world evolves for systems administrators, “Linux is exploding with new ideas and it's a little scary …,” as commenter Mike Tarkowski put it. Keeping up with emerging technologies in cloud computing such as OpenStack will be key to navigating this changing landscape, according to Randy...
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