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IP addresses
Allocation of IPv4 address space: the United States uses more than a third of the available IPv4 addresses.

Practical Networking for Linux Admins: Real IPv6

When last we met, we reviewed essential TCP/IP basics for Linux admins in Practical Networking for Linux Admins: TCP/IP. Here, we will review network and host addressing and find out whatever happened to IPv6? IPv4 Ran Out Already Once upon a time, alarms were sounding everywhere: We are running...
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Jack Wallen looks at GoboLinux, which takes a whole new approach to the Linux filesystem.

GoboLinux Redefines the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

One complaint some new users have is that the Linux filesystem hierarchy is confusing. After all, why are program executables stored in /usr/bin and what is home? For those who are accustomed to Linux, this all makes some strange form of sense. However, if you take a moment to step back and really...
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Key:value NoSQLs include Redis, Riak, and Berkeley DB, which has been around forever.

What Is NoSQL?

NoSQL databases are one of those fun topics where people get all excited because it's cool and new. But, they're really not new, they're different from SQL databases, and they have different use cases. NoSQL is not going to make world peace or give you your own private holodeck but, aside from...
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virtual network
Learn how to control Internet access for your virtual machines and network VMs with each other in this tutorial.

Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 2 — Networking

When last we met, we learned the basics of creating new virtual machines in Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 1. Now we're going to learn how to control Internet access for our virtual machines, network VMs with each other, and create new virtual networks. Internet Access Some Linux...
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Ubuntu Budgie
Ubuntu Budgie is just one of the few officially recognized flavors of Ubuntu. Jack Wallen takes a look at some important differences between them.

Which Official Ubuntu Flavor Is Best for You?

Ubuntu Linux comes in a few officially recognized flavors, as well as several derivative distributions. The recognized flavors are: Kubuntu - Ubuntu with the KDE desktop Lubuntu - Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop Mythbuntu - Ubuntu MythTV Ubuntu Budgie - Ubuntu with the Budgie desktop Xubuntu...
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Backupninja is a handy tool that allows for coordinated system backups; get details in this tutorial.

Automate MySQL Database Backups with Backupninja

Chance are, you have a database or two, running on one or more Linux systems, that has become crucial to your business or job. If you happen to be a Linux administrator, the likelihood of those databases being of the MySQL sort is pretty high. With such a priority placed on information, what are...
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In this two-part series, Carla Schroder shows how to run iptables from the command line, so you can set policies on what to deny or allow.

Building Linux Firewalls With Good Old Iptables: Part 1

Of course, we still need firewalls on our computers, even though that is not a subject we see much in these here modern times. There are Linux and BSD firewalls, prefab firewalls on commercial hardware from little to big that are most likely based on an open source firewall and a multitude of GUI...
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Longleat maze
Find your way through the maze of online dangers with Tails, Tor, and tips from Carla Schroder.

Improve Your Online Security with Tails

The popular image of online dangers is scary bad guys trying to steal our stuff. This image is accurate if you remember to include unfettered corporate interests as the scary bad guys. Our protections against our good friends the telcos and cable companies have never been strong, and now they're...
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ss utility
Dumping sockets is not quite as much fun as dumping a load from a backhoe but it has its charms. Learn more in this ss utility tutorial.

Probe Your Linux Sockets With ss

We all know and love netstat (network statistics), because it is a wonderful tool for viewing detailed network connection information. An interesting alternative is ss, socket statistics. ss is part of the iproute2 suite of network tools. ss displays statistics about your network sockets, which...
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In this final article in our TFTP series, we take a closer look at usage and moving things around.

Trivial Transfers with TFTP, Part 3: Usage

In previous articles, we introduced TFTP and discussed why you might want to use it, and we looked at various configuration options. Now let’s try and move some files around. You can do this with some comfort now that you know how to secure your server a little better. Testing 1, 2, 3 To test your...
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