June 18, 2011

Black lines on HDTV hooked up to computer?

I just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 and i use my new hdtv as a huge monitor, it worked fine with 10.10 but for some reason on 11.4 it works but on the left of my tv it has black vertical scrolling lines going from bottom to top. I re installed 10.10 bc i could not handle it anymore. at first i thought it might have been the side widget not on ubuntu when i told my friend he said to log into classic style which i did not know i can do (new to linux) so i upgraded again and now log in to classic style and still the lines are there. Any thoughts on how i can fix this.
Note: I lowered the res to 800 and it fixed it but i really would not have to do that.

Try out the tricks.......

Try out the tricks....
Pass an option at Boot parameter as: vga=0x317 and then start Ubuntu.
If the above doesn't work, Open the Computer BIOS / CMOS setup and try to increase Video Ram as highest / maximum, then save and restart ur computer.

For better information, how to handle this situation and more Boot options, please see the below link:


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