October 17, 2011

Building a Digital Signage (Info Display) System?

We're setting up a simple "digital signage" system at our school. It will consist of one screen or TV and a computer that shows a slideshow and real-time information on the screen. The computer will be connected to network, but will have no input devices, and thus shouldn't have a graphical desktop environment. Here's some characteristics of the system I'm after:

What is the recommended approach for building such a system? Is there some open source software designed specifically to do the job? We do have Linux server(s), should they be necessary. Thanks in advance.

Answer to the question

I'd recommend that you take a look at Screenly Open Source Edition. It can run directly on a Raspberry Pi, and is super simple to install. The full source code is also available on Github. Alternatively, if you want a commercial solution, you can check out Screenly Pro.

Disclaimer: I work for Screenly.

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Try this link below:...

Try this link below:

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