May 13, 2009

Can Dell's Instant On be used if you are already using Linux (Ubuntu) as your primary OS?

I have read that with the Dell Latitude e4300 that it uses a version of SUSE linux for its instant ON technology.  How can i access this area without having to install windows and running the windows utility to set this up? Can Ubuntu's new UNR be installed  in this area?

No, it is possible to root or update Montavista...

No, it is possible to root or update Montavista

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No, you can'tcompletely separate board, no access for upgrades, installations...

No, you can't
completely separate board, no access for upgrades, installations or whatever else. Take a look at coreboot project ( or something like that for tech details on these bios and boards. you cannot install another distro or even upgrade/add new software on it, they've shaped the ROM only for their things

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Hi Jason,...

Hi Jason,

Latitude ON actually runs a highly tuned MontaVista Linux (

For those who haven't read about it, the system is a second single-board computer inside the laptop that shares the host's keyboard, trackpad, display, and wi-fi connection, but is otherwise a completely separate system with no hard drive access and no local storage at all. It does, however have internet access through the host's wi-fi or through its own 3g cellular connection. Think of it as a very thin client inside a thicker one, or more specifically as a MID with a decent keyboard and screen.

I have grave doubts that UNR would run on the Latitude ON hardware, as UNR has some pretty specific hardware requirements. MontaVista's MID stack is very slim and was developed specifically for this system. In the future, though who knows?

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