July 29, 2015

Can I have Linux on my ext. HDD while work n windows 8.1 on my tablet PC?

Hi im new at this and i want to install ubuntu desktop on my external hard drive becouse my laptop doesn't have enough memory on it's hard drive the SO that it uses is winows 8.1 and i wonder if i can have linux on my external HDD and if its possible How do i do it? by the way my computer is the sony vaio tap 11 tablet pc if that info help you to help me..

Yes, it is possible, assuming your tablet is able to boot from a USB device....

Yes, it is possible, assuming your tablet is able to boot from a USB device. Basic instructions would be to create a bootable USB stick with the Linux installation of your choice (I recommend Linux Mint or Ubuntu for those new to Linux as they are relatively straightforward to install), and then you would boot the system with the USB stick and when the installer asks where you want to install the system, you would choose your USB hard drive (Make sure you back up what you have on there in case you accidentally reformat the drive; you should be able to create a partition for Linux should you not want to dedicate the drive to your Linux install). There are detailed instructions here http://www.pendrivelinux.com/installing-ubuntu-to-a-usb-hard-drive/ they are for Ubuntu 7.04 but a newer version will be similar to install.

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