October 2, 2014

Can I perform a parallel installation of Ubuntu with Windows 7 Home Premium..?

I have a dell laptop running windows 7 home premium. I want to install UBUNTU on the same system. What are the system requirements for UBUNTU..? and how to get a UBUNTU in India..?

Go to ubuntu.com and download the version that you want. 14.10 will be...

Go to ubuntu.com and download the version that you want. 14.10 will be released in about a week. The present stable version is 14.04. Since this is your first time, it might be safer to stick with 14.04 as it has long-term support.

After downloading the iso file, burn it to a DVD (easiest method) and reboot your laptop from the DVD. Choose "Try Ubuntu" and see if your wi-fi is detected and that the sound is working. These should be ok since you're using Dell which should be supported.

Then choose "install Ubuntu". Choose "install side by side with your present operating system". This is safer and will not wipe out Win 7. There are manual options but skip these for the time being until you are familiar with Ubuntu. Also, make sure you choose to install the updates and 3rd party support / software (can't remember the exact wording). Then start the install.

When the install is complete, reboot your computer and you will be presented with a menu to choose Ubuntu or Win 7 to boot.

A piece of advice: do not install Ubuntu "inside" Win 7 using Wubi. This makes Ubuntu run much slower. Ubuntu is a lot faster as a separate boot. The method I described above is for booting Ubuntu separately.

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