October 2, 2010

Can I run my windows software in Linux?

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Can I run windows based software on Linux based systems?

How can I check if my program is supported and are are there any potential issues?

you might with "wine" BUT...

you might with "wine"

if you MUST use Microsoft programs then run them on a Microsoft OS!

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On www.winehq.org look at a list of supported software and if the desired...

On www.winehq.org look at a list of supported software and if the desired program is not there - installing the virtualbox + windows and work. Best wine runs on (K)Ubuntu and Suse.

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Try wine :) http://www.winehq.org/

Try wine :)


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"mfillpot" reply is brief enough......

"mfillpot" reply is brief enough...

u can try with WINE...

mostly, whatever runs in windows, our linux also is run those applications now a days..[except games].....

so try to find the application which satisfy your needs...if not try with wine..

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Please keep in mind that windows and Linux based systems are entirely...

Please keep in mind that windows and Linux based systems are entirely different, build on different code bases and security structures.

You can run certain windows based software on Linux based systems by using a windows emulator software which created a basic fake windows structure to allow compatibility, some of these products are free and others must be purchased.

Wine - Wine is a free windows emulator with good support, you can check if your chosen software is supported at http://appdb.winehq.org/

Crossover Office and Crossover games (http://www.codeweavers.com/) - The crossover products are paid but they offer better compatibility than wine with most software. If you are looking to run Office based software checkout Crossover Office, if you are looking to run games then Crossover Games will offer a better solution.

Cedega - Cedega is another paid windows emulator which is made for games. You can check their application database to see if your chosen game is supported at http://www.cedega.com/gamesdb/

Potential Issues
You must keep in mind that these products are only emulators, certain windows based functionality such as windows based encryption cannot be supported because they require the windows proprietary API and libraries which cannot be legally reproduced or copied. With that being the case many general applications will work, but some specialized applications cannot be run outside of windows, but it never hurts to check the application databases to be sure.

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