April 30, 2012

Can Linux Run DJ Applications? Like Virtual DJ or Deckadance?

Hi Linux Team, Sorry To Bug You. I am just wanting to know if Linux can run Dj Applications, I've been using Windows for a long time however so far i have had at least 1 Virus every month and i have had to get my laptops repaired 5 times after problems that Microsoft will not fix with windows Vista & 7 in the last 2 years which would be ok if it didn't cost so much money to repair and Losses of TB's of MY DATA leading to starting my Music & Karaoke files over and over again (& Before you say it, Yes! i did back them up however my External HDD's are now getting corrupted & Missing Folder Warnings) so, 8 of my friends told me to switch to Linux, they said that "Linux can't get viruses and is a nice Light OS that doesn't demand High CPU, RAM & GPU like Microsoft Products, Applications & OS but unfortunately not all programs can run on Linux" I Don't know if this will help but "Virtual DJ" for example Uses DirectX for Video displays, Your Sound Cards and many decoders for .Zip .mp3 .wav .cda .vdj .mpeg .wmv .divx .mp4 .mkv .flv .ogg and so on, its only a small program of 21MB however is very demanding program to Low & Medium Powered Laptops Please Answer. From Pedro

Well I don't know much but I do know this, for the linux OS there's a program...

Well I don't know much but I do know this, for the linux OS there's a program called mixxx. It's free for you to dowlnoad and it looks pretty sweet. Maybe that will help. You can get the program through the software manager.

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