July 14, 2016

Cann't mount /home partition!

At the beginning ,/home is 5.4TB and / is only 50GB.So I decide to extend the / via reduce the /home . However,after my operation ,the /home partition cann't mount again .The dmesg says unvalid journal superblock found . Now I am using dd to backup the disk.And how can I do to resolve this problem.Any thanks!!! PS:My OS is rhl 6.5 ,disk 5.9TB (12*600GB disk with raid6),memory 128GB

Answer to the question

i never partition a hard drive because i have had this sort of problem too many times.

the idea is good. you put the operating system in a small partition and then the data like movies, pictures, music and documents in another partition so that it should be possible to re-install the operating system withour losing the data. this has never worked for me. i get asked this sort of problem all the time.

somewhere in / there must be a pointer to /home which is now in a different place. / must be pointing to the middle of /.

so you have 2 problems.

1) to where (whither?) did you move /home?

2) where is the pointer to /home in /?

there may be an empty folder, which is a link folder,  in / called home.

you need to recreate the link.

i hape that this helps.



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