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download the VM from

Dear Friends , I am trying to download ova file from but looks like it is very slow, I am using a windows OS. has anyone faced similar issue , what it the way to get it faster please. Quick help will be highly appreciated. Regards Vinay
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How to Insert a Line into existing file via Script?

Good day Team, I am trying to create a script but I am stuck. The file already exists in multiple servers, and we just need to append two more lines in this file. The below is the scenario details of this exercise. Existing file at multiple linux machines, Have to add Two lines in the file via...
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install .iso files in red hat linux

hi .i have a red hat linux that runs in vmware .i wanted to install an .iso file in it but i dont know how!!!?? pleas help me .thanx
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Need Help to configure Intel Rapid Storage Technology on Dell Latitude E7440 Notebook. #Linux #Security

I use a Dell Latitude E7440 Notebook. Experiencing slow boot performance, doesn't appear to be a hardware fault but the load of installed applications. I am planning to configure Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Is it imperative to install a SSD or can Intel Rapid Storage Technology be...
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how to read any file from ftp server in command prompt?

hi, I tried with curl function as below curl -u ftpuser:ftppassword -O ftp://serverIP:serverPort/*.json for reading file from ftp server. but for my requirement, I don't know the name of the file present in the ftp server. so, my requirement is read the same file from ftp server? please help...
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What is the best VOIP on Ubuntu

I am using Skype on Windows. But Skype for Ubuntu doesn't have the desktop app and you miss a lot. I have a Skype phone number that people can call from their phones and I can call phones from skype. Any other app give you a phone number and allow you to call phones like Skype does?
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Installing Linux OS on 2009 Macbook Pro

Have an old and very sluggish 2009 Macbook Pro. I am considering completely wiping it and installing Linux OS (probably Ubuntu). I have two purposes in mind: one, to familiarize myself with the process and with using and working with open source software; two, to make this old sluggish laptop more...
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how to install wine with the installer file on ubuntu linux ?

I have tried to install wine 1.8.5 as an offline installer with the following command after extracting the .deb packages. sudo dpkg -i *.deb but, it did not work for me . how can I install it ?
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