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internet in Ubuntu

I have broadband connection at home. I plugged in the broadband wire from modem into the socket in laptop and made the necessary changes in IP address and DNS server etc in windows and internet started working in windows. Now I installed Ubuntu in my laptop along with Windows OS, but internet...
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Ubuntu 10.4 -- Cant get the connection setup for Telstra Bigpond wireless broadband.

Ubuntu 10.4 has just been loaded into my Optima Pentium D but try as I might, I cannot get it to connect to my Telstra Bigpond wireless account. Can anyone give this geriatric newbie step by step instructions to get the internet installed and working. When I plugged in the litlle modem thingo...
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Problem with centerim and msn protocol

o.k. here is the problem. I download the centerim (a non-gui IM that support several protocols) and I try to add my hotmail account to it (before I use the emphaty IM) and it just say "Connecting to the server" and then just "Disconnect" with no errors. I made a search on the web and I found...
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Dovecot on fedora

hello ! i am new here !  and i wanna know something to dovecot!   i have intalled fedora 12 , i waanna make mail server from that server ...1st i was installed postfix, and dovecot with imap pop etc... and i dont know how to configure that dovecot, dovecot.conf or main config...can u...
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AM I having a driver issue b43, or something else?

Oh man... where to begin...well how bout at the b43-fwcutter command that I used to install my latent wifi modem...   Low and behold it my GF's house... not at my house, where I had originally been trying to futz with it... New distro since my last jaunbt with ubuntu 8. jaunty or...
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How can I check my internet connection speed (in real time)?

I am new to Linux and simply want to monitor my internet (wired, not wireless) connection speed..? Thanks for any tips.
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