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Has anyone successfully piped the output of firefox to a file, and if so, how?

I'm trying to copy the results of a post-parsed webpage to a file.  Lynx and curl, when requesting the site, return a "browser unsupported" error, so I'm hoping to do the same thing with firefox through the command line (because I want to automate it) and I'm not sure if its even possible....
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my wireless internet connects on startup then disconnects after 5 minutes and never reconnects

if i want the internet reconnected, i have to restart my computer
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Why does my groups say sorry this group is andministrated by the administrator

Why does it say that. I made three or 4 groups but the same thing happened! please help me!
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what is the most most common open source web server avaiable for linux?

just need to know what is the most common web server avaiable for use in linux?
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