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WebServices for free across Internet ?

Hi there, I'm looking for a free to use WebService (SOAP) across the net for basic tests and training courses. I don't care about results, just some sort of hello world publicly available to anyone, I'm now using Amazon services but i need a keypair   Any hints ? Ben¬†
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Why don"t things work?

I have just installed Freespire OS on my computer but nothing worksI have DSL service with ATT but cannot het online--page says cannot find server, inter manager does not come up.USB ports do not workCDrom will only play audio diskDo I have to install your eysten over Windows?I guess I'm stupid...
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What ISPs work with Suse Linux?

My pc ISP is AT&T/Yahoo (DSL). They say that they have no software for a Linux OS.   I need some suggestions about other ISPs.
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How can I delete my account?

How can I delete my account at
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WiFi on Debian?

Ubuntu did WIFI out of the box, but I can't get Debian to work. Machine is a Dell xps 1100, which has a Broadcom variation. When I try to start up wifi radar it throws and error; "Failed to run /usr/sbin/wi-fi-radar as user root" would I need to remove sudo to get wifi? Sounds mad to me.... and...
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