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how can I download adobe/products/digitaleditions on my computer with ubuntu 9.4

how do I install adobe/products/digitaleditions
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I look for a program that helps me install E60 ereader SAMSUNG with CD

E 60 samsung Ereader , I can not open de cd-disk to install the ereader E60 on my computer, I habe ubuntu 9.4   how can I open the cd and intall the program on ubuntu?    
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how to access a library if you have no header files

On my TomTom there is the Laqundo voice synthisis system, which I really would like to use. It appears to be built of libraries which are called directly from TomTom's propriatary software. Unfortunatly there appears to be no header files available anywhere on the internet to access these....
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UK qstn, 901,wifi Virgin

Hi I recently got an ASUS EEE PC 901 and I'm told that if I amend settings I can get it to link to a Virgin mobile wifi dongle. Has anyone changed theirs and can tell me which settings to change?  many thanks   
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Embedded system for less than $100?

Where can I find a small computer or an embedded board that can run a light Linux distro for under $100? I tried, but their computers cannot display on wide screens. So, do I have other options?
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HSDPA USB modem problem

I have a linux kernel 2.6.24 running on an embedded board. I want to connect a HSDPA USB modem to it. Can anyone tell me which one offers best support for this kernel version? Also, I realise most of them come tied with network operators. If so do you think it is wise for me to buy an unlocked...
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