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How can I write Mint to a usb drive, and then replace my windows 7 with the Linux Mint?

Replacing Windows 7 with Linux Mint 19
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Multiple monitor setup in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS based distro

I am having trouble getting multiple monitors to maintain my display settings after a Log Off or reboot. Each time logging in from a log off or reboot, I have to add the second monitor using Display settings. By the way, there is no ~.config/monitors.xml file to edit.
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Linux support in Seattle, WA

I live in Microsoft country but am tired of Windows 10. Have heard some good things about Linux. Where can I look at Linux loaded computers, learn more 'hands on' in the Seattle Area? Of the many Linux operating systems which is the simplest one to start with? Thanks
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How to make my own Linux Distro?

Hey guys, I'm kind of new to Linux, just installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell Latitude E7240, but I am not to keen on the UI of Ubuntu. I have been thinking about creating an operating system of some sort for a long time now, and I thought why not try it out by creating a Linux Distro? I was...
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Encrypt the whole system using luks and resize partitions.

This tutorial works great, I can assign any size for root, home and swap but I would like to keep the boot partition on the same drive. How can I do that?
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dpkg reports some issues with the package system. I can't continue without these being fixed.

Hi Guys   I just started preparation for LFS201 course  and i ran the  comand  ./ --install LFS201in uBuntu  and i gto this error while updating missing pakage. " dpkg reports some issues with the package system. I can't continue without these being fixed." I chose yes to fix but i gto...
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How to enable and copy desktrop application shortcuts?

Enable desktop ikon application shortcuts don't work for me. I am using freshly installed Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.3 together with gnome shell 3.18.5 and Tweak Tool Icons on Desktop set to ON.
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Choosing a Linux System

Hello! I'm thinking of getting Linux for the first time, and narrowed it down to three choices on the type I should get: Cinnamon, KDE, or Deepin Desktop. Any suggestions or comments on which one I should choose?
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