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Why do I get this error when I try using yum?

I get this error of a repo not found anytime I try using yum to install packages. I get the following errors Could not retrieve mirrorlist error was 14: HTTP Error 404 - Not Found [...
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Can I start a new linux distro family like debian,fedora,suse,..

Can I develop a new linux distro family using linux kernal? Must I get a licence to do it.How can I publish it to the world.Must I have any legal authorize? Please help me.
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Start a new Linux OS

How can I start a new linux os like ubuntu and publish it to the world.(Including security,updates,website)
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Best OS/distro for HP Pavilian laptop 52 gigHD, 64 bit, 1G ram

I was given an HP Pavilion zv 5000 laptop a few years ago. It was incredibly slow running Win 7 professional. I want to keep it as backup for my mac so slowly removed enough crap to where it is only bad, not unbearable. I would like to completely convert it to a linux machine but need advice on...
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I install Debian 8 to my laptop, but there is no GRUB menu to enter Debian. How can i do that?

I disabled UEFI mode to install Debian, i think i did everything right. However, i couldn't see any option like Debian on booting screen. I have installed Linux Mint. There is no problem with that, but i want to use Debian also for some time. Any idea?
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What is the best distro for comparing SFP traffic?

I have been tasked with comparing Curvature optics vs. Cisco optics. I have an assortment of optics to test and was looking for a Linux distro to give me a relatively detailed analysis of the traffic sent by and received by the SFP. Most of the stuff I have seen so far is for pen-testing or "...
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linux that looks exactly like windows

I would like to make a Linux desktop look enough like windows (in particular windows 10) to trick people into thinking that it is windows is there an easy way to do this? i have tried B00merangs solution zorin os and perhaps its...
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Can you fix the Linux kernel?

I'm having problems with my EV3 build because it contains some errors inside the Linux kernel. Can you fix this?
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Can I install Linux on a Windows UEFI Bios Mode computer?

I plan to dedicate a Windows computer totally to Linux. The computer has the Bios Mode UEFI. Will this could cause issues installing Linux? I am very new to Linux with much to learn. Appreciate any help thanks.
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