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We got the black screen of death with a Windows 10 update. Will installing Linux make any difference?

Our laptop came with Windows 8 which we upgraded to 10. We had no problems at all until an overnight upgrade gave us the Black screen of death. I'm not really computer literate but with the help of You Tube I managed to totally foil any further attempts to roll back or restore to a previous...
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Getting Exception in free_initrd_mem while loading initramfs in linux

I am getting exception while booting the linux initramfs from uboot. my bootargs are: setenv bootargs 'console=ttySC0,115200 root=/dev/ram rw ramdisk_size=51200' booti 0x60E00000 0x70000000 0x62000000 Call trace points in free_initrd_mem. Giving exception while freeing the initramfs file...
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Can't connect to printer

I have an old Compaq running Mint 18 Sarah for a couple weeks. I'm a newbie and trying to install an old Brother MFC8220 that is connected via a USB. I found the printer driver in the system but can't get past "CUPS server error operation: 'Success'. What can be done to...
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Unable to use wifi in kali linux......

I have HP 15-ay011tx notebook, I recently installed Kali Linux in it. After complete installation now there is no WIFI on it. I tried many methods to get wifi working like installing it using dpkg, git clone method, synaptic method bu i couldnt get it to work. The wifi uses broadcom BCM43142 driver...
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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS on HP Pavilion x360 netbook not detecting wi-fi

Just installed Lubuntu on a trashed Windows 8 installation. Tons of driver issues with 8. Switched it over Linux but still no wi-fi. Ethernet works but the point of a laptop is the wireless.
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how to install printer in kali linux??

I am looking to install Linux kali, just wanted to know how I install the printer driver ?? My printer is hp deskjet 2546 series.
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How can I uninstall Windows 10 from my HDD and install Linux Mint instead?

Hello all! At first I was thinking why not dual boot Linux Mint onto my HDD but I'm pretty fed up with Microsoft all together (Also not a fan of Apple products). And so I've backed up all my files onto an external hard drive and now just need help with the rest of the process. Any help...
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How to install the driver for TP-Link(TL-WN821N) v4 ON UBUNTU

hello i have tried some solutions that i found on google but i can't install the drivers and the connections it's always to drop. I am new ubuntu user, so if someone could tell me step by step that would be great.
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How do I run downloaded drivers?

Downloaded drivers for Brother HL-L2320D printer but don't know how to run (the them to apply & can't get printer to print anything besides "test page" won't print from internet either. Also don't know how to get CD that came with printer to run in Linux MInt...
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