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Connecting multiple devices and sending data through them.

We are using Kernel 4.12 version and we have to connect multiple nrf52832 dk. nrf52832 act as a client and raspberry pi act as a server. We are sending data from client to server. When we connect multiple dk from raspberry pi, it is connected but not sending data from client. When asked to nordic...
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How to root lava iris 702

I tried all apps like king root,pharma root none of them worked pc too failed HELP ME !!!!!
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Questions about NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

Hi. I saw a post about the Kit here (, and I thought maybe I could ask some questions about it. I heard that NVIDIA Jetson TX1 can work as a mini standalone computer. As a true novice, I wonder if I could run some...
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AUTOEXEC.BAT equivalent

hi all What is the first file of linux wheb a linux based bord is turn on ? I remeber that in the old windows os like windows 95 AUTOEXEC.bat was used What is the equivalent of linux to this ? Elico
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How to access CPU clock?

I am doing an embedded application in which i want to use cpu clock for peripheral device.How can I access this like gpio pins access from user space?.pls help
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An error occurred updating the password file!

Hello everyone, I'm new to linux and i really like it... I am facing a problem with my router which has linux embedded. When i try passwd command it shows me this: # passwd -u root passwd: An error occurred updating the password file. I think thing is something to do with permissions which are: #...
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How does the power management for embedded systems work for ARM processors?

Does anybody know? If possible please provide a paper reference or a book chapter.
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Disable grub menu display on LCD and display only on serial console

When I switch on board, grub option is displayed on LCD Panel and also serial console(minicom attached to the board). My requirement is: When I switch on the board, grub menu should display only on serial but not on LCD display. Please help me.
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Missing v4l2-ctl error when connecting BeagleBone Black camera

Hello I recently purchased a Beaglebone Black which has Linux-Angstrom. I am new to Linux and followed a learning video to connect a camera to the Beaglebone Black. When I get to the stage of executing command v4l2-ctl –h the result is -bash: v4l2-ctl: command not found rather than a display of the...
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