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Need help to create SSL certificate for OracleDB signed from own CA in CentOS-7

I have created my own CA in CentOS-7.  I have signed multiple certificates and all wor for webservers but when I transfer it at Oracle DB, it is importable in Oracle Wallet. Actually when we create an oracle wallet, it creates it's own CSR in pkcs10 format. When I sent that CSR to my CA, it gives...
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How do I update a SSL certificate

I have an apache webserver that has the wrong hostname is the SSL certificate which is failing a security check by our SEC org.
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How to upgrade RHEL 5.5 to RHEL 6/7?

I am new to Linux and i have to upgrade my product servers to RHEL6/7. Current Linux version in production is RHEL 5.5 (Tikanga). Can some one suggest me which version to upgrade 6 OR 7? and will it be possible to upgrade from 5.5 to 6/7? - Thanks in advance Regards, Vijay
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kern_path(): Failed to return parent path in new 4.4.* Linux Kernels ? Please help me any alternative solution to get parent path for non existing file ?

I'm trying to get parent path from kern_path() function, it is returning error -2 in new Amazon Linux kernels 4.4.* machines. How to get parent path in 4.4.* Linux kernel? /tmp/TestFVT/files/fileXX-12345678989 ===> /tmp/TestFVT/files Similar to this issue.
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How do i install page numbers in libreoffice writer?

I tried "einfügen". "Feldbefehl" and "Seitennummer" The result is disappointing. The page number I get is only for one page and is not fixed to the page.
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I have a windows7 laptop, what can I install that will run on it?

hi, this is a gateway lt28 laptop. intel atom cpu N570 1.76GHZ 1 gig ram.. yeah. it's a p.o.s. and I can't do anything with it.. If I can find a free version of Linux to install *yeah I need help on how to put it on the usb so it will boot too. :) Thanks everyone! Joan
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What security settings did I miss on installation for Oracle's Enterprise Manager to not be capable of exporting?

The Enterprise Manager AMS is not 100% functioning. I can use sql to manipulate my db but not the AMS/GUI. Do you know why?
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When a meta character is a part of name how can i tell the computer that it is just a part of name not a meta character?

when a meta character is a part of name how can i tell the computer that it is just a part of name not a metha chracter?
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