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How do i get my chromebook computer to boot into linux?

Every time I try to boot my chromebook into linux it has said something about the server not working. It said "could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?" can someone help me with this? I'm using KDE to try to boot into linux. I used the xfce and xfce4, i'm not sure if it's...
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Is installing Ubuntu on this type of system possible?

Hi guys, I am a student at a University and Linux is an essential part of my course. I have tried installing it, the first time Windows would just load without dualboot and I need dualboot guys Windows is important to me too. The second time I tried, however, the GNU command prompt would appear at...
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Cannot add Nikon film scanner via Virtual Box as USB's cannot be associated....

Older PC with USB's associated with PCI card. Running lubunto 16.04 LTS. USB's do work and hardware is recognized when plugged in. However, when using Virtual Box for WinXP to run Nikon CoolScan V ED scanner it will not attach as USB not identifiable in VirtualBox. The guest...
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kali linux support 4gb graphic card

Sir i want to buy a laptpo with kali linux
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Laptop for Ubuntu mate?

I'm gonna be needing a new laptop and would like some suggestions! Want to run Ubuntu mate, have something with good battery life, decent performance, relatively portable. Any suggestions?
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Screen flashing white horizontal lines? Help Me Please!!

I have an hp omni 120 1020t. Running with a g620 sandy bridge pentium. I ran install with no internet connection so the problem was built in. The iso used was downloaded straight from Kali Linux website.
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How can I install my printer in Ubuntu?

How can I install my Samsung ML-1670 printer in ubuntu?
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