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How do i put linux on my laptop?

Can i replace windows 7 with linux on my dell latitude D620?
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Scanning with HP 2512 printer

My hp desk jet 2512 will now print but will not scan with ubuntu. What am i doing wrong?
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Error: dpkg was interrupted...

E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. What does this mean , how do i fix it ?
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Problem trying to mount an NTFS format partition using the Partitioner in SUSE

We have a number of partitions that are NTFS partitions set up using Microsoft Server 2012. When we try to mount the NTFS partition in Linux SUSE version 12 using the partition software we choose UUID with mount point /home and add a name "Software" in the name field we get an error code 3011. when...
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I have tried to install Mint 17.1 and 17.2 mint 64 versions and cannot get a good install

I have tried over a to install Mint 17.1 and 17.2 mint 64 versions and can not get a good install 32 bit versions of all tried will install fine,where is a good start point to fix issue?Thank you.   Computer Summary Computer Processor 6x AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor Memory 16552MB (1898MB...
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What linux os will work with my windows 8.1?

My computer runs window 8.1 and is stuck in a loop. it starts says it's trying to repair the hard drive and restarts. it dose it over and over infinity. I want an os I can boot from disk and over write it. please tell me which one will work for me. product is Gateway Laptop. Thank You.
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Recommended distro for Dell Dimension 4550?

Hardware compatibiltiy search: what will run on this PC? Pentium 4@2.53GHz//RAM 1GHz// AGP 4x Video (Ati Rage 128 Ultra). Two HDDs - one has XP installed. Tried Mint/Cinnamon on second drive but won't run GUI, Terminal mode only.
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