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My serial ports are not recognized

I have Zorin 9 installed on a 32bit PC. How do I access and enable my serial ports?
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Running different distros from a thumbdrive, some dont recognise my main HDD on Win7..?

Hello, a little background first..... I am new to Linux, and I'm tired of Windows. A buddy of mine gave me a bootable thumbdrive with at least 5 or 6 different distros to try. I took the advice I found here, and used this bootable thumbdrive to just try the different Linux distros on my laptop. My...
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How to load linux on powermac g3?

Can I load Linux on a powermac g3 ... I have an old powermac that I would like to run a few basic server functions such as DHCP server, DNS etc.
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How to format a Linux portable storage hard drive?

I have a portable Linux formatted storage hard drive for a no longer used software system. I want to reformat that portable hard drive so I can use it to back up a windows computer. How do I reformat that drive and then make is "seeable" in Windows 7? Thnaks Mike S
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Is Linux 2.6.6 supported?

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