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DNSSEC package

Do we have any existing package for DNSSEC validation ?
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audio problem and calls drop after a while on asterisk based telephony system

hi, I use asterisk based telephony system. but calls drop after a while and sometimes we can not send a fax. some of our user can not calling eachother properly. can you give me exact solution? asterisk runs on centos 6.x we use esxi too. we use ip pbx, ip telephones too can someone tell me whole...
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Is there any way to use multiple usb 3G modem in same laptop to increase bandwidth in linux os?

I have no knowledge which kind of tutorial /documentation help to understand this thing. Plz help..
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How to correctly configure remmia to hook to a windows server

I have tried to program remmia by adding the RDP protocol / the IP Address / (advanced RDP) and when I try to connect i get the failed to startup the ssh session / time out. what am I doing wrong. Please
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Is it potentially dangerous, if I cant update Linux Mint?

After trying to update Linux mint, I have got following window, stating: 'Could not download all repository indexes. The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the...
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Can a Managed Switch replace Samba?

Please, Can a $70.00 Managed Smart Switch and it's firmware / software really make Samba un-nessary on a three computer home system? Yes? No? Spent 2 hours + finding either explanations too simple or explanations meant for IT managers with 15 years of experience and certifications to match....
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