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more info about w command

[dev_admin@egsub ~]$ w 06:01:25 up 24 days, 2:27, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 USER TTY FROM LOGIN@ IDLE JCPU PCPU WHAT dev_a pts/0 05:44 9:49 0.02s 0.03s sshd: eg_dev_admin [priv] dev_a pts/1 06:01 1.00s 0...
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Allot multiple ip's with different gateways using 1 nic in centos 7

I am running kvm on centos 7 , we just ordered a new ip range whose gateway is different from previous ip gateway. I have tried nmtui and add new ethernet connection but it allowed only 1 connection to be active at a time.
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Rhat server has 2 IP addresses - how do you remove one of them

When checking Ifconfig there is one IP address - then when we .enter ip addr we see 2 IP addrese on the same network interface- how do remove the second one
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Linux networking issue with latest update

With the last update, I can no longer access the other computers on my home network, nor the external storage on my router. They don't even show up. I have a Mac and a PC running windows besides the PC running linux, they still network together, but the Linux machine has dropped off. It still...
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DNSSEC package

Do we have any existing package for DNSSEC validation ?
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audio problem and calls drop after a while on asterisk based telephony system

hi, I use asterisk based telephony system. but calls drop after a while and sometimes we can not send a fax. some of our user can not calling eachother properly. can you give me exact solution? asterisk runs on centos 6.x we use esxi too. we use ip pbx, ip telephones too can someone tell me whole...
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Is there any way to use multiple usb 3G modem in same laptop to increase bandwidth in linux os?

I have no knowledge which kind of tutorial /documentation help to understand this thing. Plz help..
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