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How can I get my O2 Dongle ZTE MF100 to work on a Toshiba NB250 with a Joli OS

I have installed the Dongle using network manager but only get the message GSM network disconnected when it tries to connect to the mobile network that has been set up
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how to set up G3 with an O2 Dongle using Joli OS

I have set up my dongle ZTE MF100 O2 pay as you go using Network manager. It is available under mobile broadband but when I select it, it tries to connect then I get the message GSM network Disconnected - you are now off line. has someone any idea how to fix this. Thanks
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Which RFCs is the Linux TCP stack compliant with?

How can I find which RFCs the TCP stack supports?
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what is the best linux server OS?

what is the best linux server OS? i want to put it on my desktop that has a 1gig of ram and an 80 gig HD and host games from xbconnect and 1999 unreal tournament and other games. THanks let me know.
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wireless card

installed driver for my wireless card alfa networks awus036h but my conection drops or takes ages to open a page, changed wireless channel on shell still same, can anybody give me a clue why it happens? or a way to fix this? im using ubuntu 11.04
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Having problems with Wi-Fi on openSUSE

I have installed openSUSE. The hardwire connection works, but the wifi does not. Suggestions?
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Why can't I get ubuntu 11.04 to connect to 5ghz Belkin router?

Anyone have any suggestions? I have gone in to the network connection settings and changed anything that needed changing which was only the ssid. Still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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How do I install my Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter on Ubuntu 11.04?

I've tried several tutorials online already, but none of them work so don't post a link unless you know it works on Ubuntu 11.04
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