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How do i set up network storage in debian jessie?

I would like my drive which is attached to my router automatically show up in network without clicking through browse network.
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Will I Be Able To Start Using This Free OS With AMD - CPU: FX-8320 And AMD - GPU:R9 280xTOXIC?

Will I Be Able To Start Using This Free OS With AMD - CPU: FX-8320 And AMD - GPU:R9 280xTOXIC? Gonna Do My First PC Build, Gonna Find A Way And Thing To Do In Order To Work From Home. Any Help Is Welcome.
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VPN question

A client has performed some network maintenance on their side and, as part of the change, has modified the IP address of some of the servers we connect to, causing us to lose access. Our VPN tunnel terminates behind a firewall on their network. Some of the machines were behind the firewall to begin...
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How to edit grub file?

I need to edit /etc/default/grub which was changed during an update. I have' no prob editing the file but the editor won't let me save it...?
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How to uninstall pxe?

a write protected kernel module is hacking my system and i want to know how to remove it from the network its installing
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How to install DWA-127 wireless driver on a Acer Travelmate 292LMi under Ubuntu 12.04?

Hi, I'm new to Linux. I have an old Acer Travelmate 292LMi laptop, second hand, and Ubuntu 12.04 installed on this. I bought a USB wireless adapter -DWA 127- because the incorporated module "mini PCI wireless board - Intel Calexico 802.1b" can't connect to my WiFi, although it recognizes it. I...
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installing Backtrack

I have installed VM's before, but can't seem to do it with any version of backtrack. The iso is downloaded as a zipped file and when unzipped to another folder the iso ceases to exist, just its contents. So when VMware prompts me to select a disc image I have nothing to select, as there is no...
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