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Cann't mount /home partition!

At the beginning ,/home is 5.4TB and / is only 50GB.So I decide to extend the / via reduce the /home . However,after my operation ,the /home partition cann't mount again .The dmesg says unvalid journal superblock found . Now I am using dd to backup the disk.And how can I do to resolve this...
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Unable to mount XFS after rescue

I am facing strange problem with XFS file system. Below is the exact scenario: I'd a corrupt 2 TB disk with XFS (I/O error), so that decide to rescue data from old disk to new disk. I'd run ddrescue to rescue data to new disk. ddrescue finished successfully except 204 kB data. After that I was...
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How to modify XFS so as to make it an append-only filesystem, similar to Apache's HDFS?

The goal is to modify the write operation of XFS filesystem so that it becomes append-only. This filesystem should be similar to the Hadoop filesystem (HDFS) which handles BigData. However modification/deletion of any data or record should be performed with minimum number of operations. Note: This...
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How do I open an expansion drive without formatting it?

I have a 500GB Seagate expansion portable drive, when I plug it into my laptop, it keeps asking me to format it. I have very important photo's on it and can't lose anything on it.
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LVM reports DEGRADED MODE -- Is this a problem?

ASUS Z87 Delux Quad mobo, using built in RAID with two 2TB drives. lvdisplay -v shows: "DEGRADED MODE. Incomplete RAID LVs will be processed. Finding all logical volumes" However, booting to RAID config shows NORMAL state. Is this an LVM problem? Bug?
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Is there any new method to use ramdisk for Linux?

I've been making a series of tests through ramdisk implemented by support from Linux kernel.However,the speed for writing is lower than what's expected.Here is two questions for me : Is there any new version for ramdisk? How can I design my experiment to test the perfomance.
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How to encrypt usb flash

how to encrypt usb flash drive or other files
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How to format unpartitioned SD card?

My SD card of my phone is having storage capacity of 8 gb. I m finding difficulty in formatting it and getting free space again. As it didn't work out in windows I switched over to Ubuntu but still I haven't found my way out.
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Script to copy file from windows server to linux desktop

I back up a file from a windows server to an external hard drive. I am setting up a Linux Mint laptop to do this. I need a script that will copy the file every three hours, add a date time stamp, and delete any copy older than 96 hours. I have a batch file in windows that is doing that along with a...
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