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Yum Server - Client mismatch

Hello, I have a test environment which has six CentOS servers, and created a local YUM repository in one of the servers, where the other five servers should be fetching packages from this local YUM server via ftp. Server1 (Yum Server): I have installed the FTP server and was able to install local...
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gnome for ubuntu (LINUX newbe)

I installed ubuntu server - finished the install rebooted the server expecting gnome to launch. Sudo gnome-terminal -got the following error Unable to init server. Could not connect. Connection refused. Failed to parse arguments how can I fix this?
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how do you log in in safe mode

tells me to login safe mod fix login proglem
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sign in problem

i have linux ubuntu sign in problem. i was curious and ran `startx` command (i don't know what exactly do this command) after that for exit xwindows i restarted my computer. i cant sign in my account after that,i enter my password but nothing happening. what can i do now ?
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Shell script automation

I just wanted to know that is there any process by which we can automate the process of fetching the server logs periodically by running some cron-jobs and saving the logs directly as a zipped file/normal text file into my local system. For the initial process I just want to have a java...
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RH3L CentOS 7 KVM Mouse Malfunction

I am running a RHEL 7 host with virt-manager KVM/qemu CentOS 7 guest. Mouse does not work. I had added a hardware on the virt-manager by going to add hardware > Input > EvTouch USB as tablet and still, no mouse cursor on the Centos7 guest machine. The keyboard works fine. Please help.
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How to get rid of grub rescue error.

I was using two operating systems at my computer. Window 7 in partition(C:) and Ubuntu in partition (D:). I didn't need ubuntu more so I formated partition (D:) while login in window 7. Then I restarted computer and it started showing error like following. Error: unknown filesystem. Grub...
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Ubuntu 17.10 and stuff

I am having some problems with my Ubuntu 17.10 system. First are the lock ups or freezes. I know that Bay Trail processors suffer from this, but I also learned there is a way around it .  But there are still some lock ups,...
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