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Harddisk unalloacated but there is more partision running

i have problem with my harddisk,, my harddisk is unallocated data when i check with Gparted and just one partision.. but in the system.. there is 3 partision run on my system,, why my system harddisk be unallocated ? how to solved it ?
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i need to fall logs in seprate folders for number of syslog client-server

hi friends, i have configured syslog server for 30 server. here 29 servers are client. i need to fall log of client server in seprate folders. how can i map in that client server logs in single syslog server.
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How to mount Linux partitions(ext2,ext3,ext4) on Windows?

Can anybody tell me that How can I mount Linux Partitions(ext3) in Windows.I tried many softwares but I wasn't able to do this.
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how can I load Linux on a Windows 7 laptop

I want to load Linux one a new laptop with windows 7 OS. I plan to load Oracle 11g on the linux partition for training purposes. This leads me to my next question. Would loading Linux on a 'virtual computer' be better?
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Reading script lines in a script file

I am reading the rc.modules script file in slackware trying to understand what this file is actually doing. In the rc.modules file, the first line reads if { -x /usr/bin/find -a -e /lib/modules/$RELEASE/modules.dep \.. What does "-x" mean? Is this referring to the command line?
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My apologies

Please excuse my mis-use of words. I meant to say /opt, not /proc. The same question I asked about /proc will now be applied to /opt. Again, my apologies.
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/etc compared to /usr

What is the benefit of having /etc and /usr when they both seem to contain the same thing. Is the /etc used for the purpose of managing the system and the /usr is used to store user profile configurations?
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Programs being uninstalled by being placed in the /proc

Do programs install themselves in the /proc directory by default or do you specify where they are to be installed. If a program/package is installed in the /proc folder, does this allow it to be uninstalled, or does it matter?
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Programs made Available in the /usr directory

In the linux / directory, is the /usr that directory that makes anything install accessible by all users including the core system or just the users?
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