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How do I convince someone that no one is secretly breaking into his Linux pc after he sees files associated with other pc's on his system?

I have a network with several different hosts: windows laptop, network connected TiVo's, smart plugs, etc. My roommate got an Ubuntu laptop last year and had never used a Linux o/s before. Now that he's been studying he thinks he's an expert and is constantly convinced that someone...
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Hello All. I have two Questions.How can we update RedHat 7 using chef tool? Is there any command to bifurcate updates into different braches.

I have two  Question. 1.How can we update redhat 7 using chef tool? 2.Is there any command to bifurcate updates into different braches.I used one command  yum updateinfo summary which gave me follwoing output. [root@ip-10-0-0-43 chef]# yum updateinfo summary Loaded plugins: amazon-id, rhui-lb,...
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How does an application decide which of its widgets was clicked?

when the operating system send the signal that mouse button was clicked,how does an application know on which widget the user was pointing? Does it store the coordinates of the widgets and then compare it with the location of mouse pointer at the time of an event? If so then wouldn't it have...
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How do I mark certain VMA's for copy-on-write from kernel code (maybe inside a system call)?

I want to mark some of the VMAs created using mmap with MAP_SHARED or MAP_PRIVATE flags for copy-on-write using a new system call that I implemented. Is it possible to do so?
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Linux Mint 17.1 Mate Cannot update or upgrade in terminal or Manager?

When I try to update, upgrade using the update manager I get a series of warnings and errors. I get the same when go through the terminal with apt-get. Below is list from the terminal: W: Failed to fetch W: Failed to fetch http://extra.linuxmint...
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Why linux is free or open source ??

like other os(s), why are you not charging some amount to buy this os ?
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