May 22, 2016

Debian Linux Live from USB with Persistant

I want to make a bootable USB with Debian Linux. I never plan to install Debian onto any computer, i just want to be able to run it live off a USB with persistent settings. I currently have Kali Linux on a 64GB Sandisk Extreme USB and run it off Live Persistent which i was able to successfully configure myself by following the guides on the Kali Linux website which was pretty straight forward. I love the Kali Linux interface and found out later it was based of Debian Linux. I currently use Kali Linux for my personal ethical interests, but would also like to make a Debian Linux USB that i could use for school. I plan to use the Debian USB for schoolwork and saving my files on the USB through the persistent settings. The reason i want to use a USB in this matter is because there are programs on my college computer that they wont let me install that id like to use. With the USB, i could have them preinstalled onto it and save with ease.

Everything i learned to do with Linux, bootable drives, IOS images, partitions, etc, has been self taught through personal interests therefor some of my knowledge is very blurred in certain areas, but often i can figure things out through searching for answers through the web. In this case, the Debian website is very confusing to me with all the different downloading options, types of downloads, types of installations and mirrors. I cant seem to find out were to download a 64 bit IOS image for Debian. On Kali Linux, its pretty straight forward download, on the Debian website, i get confused very quickly with all the options. Some guidance to which download i should use and which flavor or flavors i should try. Is Kali Linux based off one of the flavors? Sorry if i sound knowledgeable about the subject, but any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

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