May 10, 2014

Debian or Ubuntu?

Hi there,
I've tried a little those two linux distros but I can't get a decision for one operating system. So which OS should I select for my Desktop? The most important thing for me is security. Which linux distro is more secure? Or which distro would you recommend?
Ubuntu has several problems with privacy (look at Amazon integration, commercialization by Cannonical ) but it is "cooler" and much more modern than Debian. What's about these Security-Features in Ubuntu? Are they also activated in Debian?

Thank you for your answers!


I just wanted to comment on your query - as I've just been testing Debian 7.5...

I just wanted to comment on your query - as I've just been testing Debian 7.5 which became available at the beginning of the month (May-14) and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with it.

I'm testing the Gnome 3 version and it runs really well, I've encountered no issues and it's a pretty modern desktop. All in all very impressive on both a laptop and on a desktop.

I wasn't a big fan of Gnome 3 initially and I've been away from Gnome for about 18 months with XFCE and LXDE but, and maybe it's me that has caught up, but I quite like it now and the version running on Debian 7.5 seems very stable. Plus you do have the option of logging in with 'Classic' (Gnome 2) interface.

I have used Debian for some time now - having moved away from Ubuntu when Unity appeared - and I'm a big fan of the distro. I've had virtually no issues with it - good quality, very solid and easy to use plus a great range of software. So, I would definitely recommend Debian 7.5.

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Neither are ideal choices....

Neither are ideal choices.

Ubuntu pursues unethical business strategies, is crammed with spyware and features a silly GUI.
Debian's good but there are better Desktop use options out there.

Answer - Install Linux Mint. It's based on Ubuntu which is in turn based on Debian. It isn't crammed with spyware like Ubuntu is (that I'm aware of) and it has a very good and usable Desktop environment.

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Between these two... Either is fine, think debian as bit older software...

Between these two... Either is fine, think debian as bit older software doesnt change often minimal updates unless a security issue needs tobe fixed. Very stable as it tests and tests and tests. Ubuntu.. Updates more frequently your favorite programs. Still pretty stable but not as quite as debian... As for privacy... the amazon thing can be turned off easily in preferences takes 1 minute to turn off... Id go with ubuntu between these two.. I'm personally more on arch linux myself as 100% customizable but ubuntu gives you easy full experience out of the box... If you want the latest KDE/Gnome/Unity then go with ubuntu...

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