November 1, 2011

Help with Permissions Problem?

I am having a little problem with permissions of a file, and can´t find a solution, I have a mail Server with Postfix, Courier and Roundcube as Webmail. When I give in the user´s directory permissions to root (/maildir/user root:root), login is ok in Roundcube but can´t send mails, and logs show: "/maildir/ Permission denied)" If I give in user´s directory permissions to another user, for example mail (/maildir/user mail:mail), I can send mails but can´t login into Roundcube Webmail. This is what I find with lsof: lsof -i :143 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE NODE NAME couriertc 2849 root 3u IPv4 7630 TCP mail-server:imap2 (LISTEN) couriertc 2849 root 5u IPv4 7631 TCP localhost:imap2 (LISTEN) Seems that root is the username being used. I´ve changed the courier directory´s UID and GID to mail:mail but when I do lsof -i :143 still root as the username in used. Any help will be welcome. Thanks for your attention Sirs. Best regards,

Hello friend,...

Hello friend,
I thing is normal problem friend. your Roundcube is not connect properly database. so please check ur database.

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Dear Sirs I´ve finally solved this problem....

Dear Sirs I´ve finally solved this problem.
If it is useful for someone, here is what I do.
I leave permissions over the /maildir/ directory to the user mail, so as to be able to send mails.
But as I said, I can´t login inTO Roundcube Webmail, so I run:

telnet localhost imap
a login password
[ALERT] Fatal error: Account's mailbox directory is not owned by the correct uid or gid

This is what I receive when I try to login.
So I find in a post that Courier checks for the SANITY of the setup, so turning this option to "0" solved the problem.
I added this line in /etc/courier/imapd => IMAP_MAILBOX_SANITY_CHECK=0

So if I telnet localhost now I can login ok:

telnet localhost imap
a login password

Now when trying to login into Roundcube Webmail, everything works ok, and can send mails ok too.
Thanks to everyone for your help.

Best regards.

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this is the same question as posted here today...

this is the same question as posted here today
(word for word )

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