January 31, 2018

help... unknown partition hogging almost all space

i have a retired school computer and am using unetbootin to install zorin OS 12. when installing, there is a partition that is more than 25x the other twoo partitions, and it is unknown how much space hhas been spent, and what it is. it is a laatitude e5440, shipped with windows 8 pro

Answer to the question

It's probably windows 

Or a poorly set up system, which is likely the case coming from a school. I have bought many "school" systems that were upgraded by using mirroring software. They took an original 80gb drive and mirrored it onto there new 256mb drive and all the software did was to create a target partition that matched the current one thus leaving a lot of unassigned disk.

If you are running Linux exclusively, just do the install and tell it to use the whole disk and have it format it.


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