May 10, 2015

How to access Gnote files

I've posted this question to the Mint forum (at Ubuntu Forums) but maybe someone here with wider experience might be able to help. I've just reinstalled Linux Mint 17.1 having carefully saved all my documents to an external hard disk. I had used Gnotes to create wikinotes but now can't open them.

I had copied the "Notebooks" folder to my external hard disk and had been able to use it to create further notes with active wiki smartlinks. That folder contains two folders labelled "1" and "2" and a file called "manifest.xml". These folders contain others which have further "manifest.xml" files and files with long nonsensical names ending ".note" (for example, 2e3646f8-9a75-475e-aa10-dbe2f6d1925e.note). Clicking on one such file and asking to open it in Gnote used to reopen my wikinotes okay but now results in Gnote opening only at the welcome page (with "Start here" and "Using links in Gnote"). Is there any way to regain my wikinotes?

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